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Things you need to know when thinking about your cake design.

1. A minimum of four (4) weeks lead time is required for small group event cakes. No less that 6 weeks lead
    time required for ​large events and wedding​ cakes.

​2. No changes to any cake designs allowed within 2 weeks of the event.

​​3. A 50% deposit is required at time of ordering. Remaining balance due no later than 2 weeks before event.
4. A $25 fee will be charged for all cancelled orders and will be deducted from your initial deposit before
    any refund​.
5. ​Your cake price and size are based on the number of guests you have invited to your event. It is not
    unusual for ​non-RSVP guests to still attend​ your event. You will want to make sure there is enough
    cake for everyone in attendance.

6. Wedding cakes are typically sliced at 1" x 2" per slice. The determining factors in pricing your
   ​ cake are:the size and shape you want for your cake, the number of guests you plan to serve, and how
    ​elaborate you want your cake to be, including all additional items that may need purchasing and/or dry
    time to ​complete ​and make your dream cake a success.
7. ​​Please do some web searching for wedding cakes and decide on the design for your cake. Bring a
    ​picture along with the color(s) you want for your cake, if different from the picture, and when you arrive for
    a tasting and to ​discuss​ the design of your cake, I will help you in getting the correct size and look of your
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Non-Food items that are related to a wedding and event cake design are:

1. Cake boards that go underneath each tier of your cake.
2. ​Cake supports for multi-tiered cakes.
3. Containers/boxes for transportation of your cake.
4. Transportation and delivery costs.
New photos added 6/26/2014

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Wedding cakes are typically more than one layer, called tiers. Birthday or special event cakes range from one layer sheet cakes in various sizes based on the number of people being served, to more elaborate cake cake designs for birthday, graduation, anniversary, etc., that can be 2, 3, 4 or more tiers in height, and spread across a table with additional 1 or more tier cakes. Cupcake arrangements can also be elaborate in design.

Prices are as follows:


$2.00 each for buttercream iced cupcakes with buttercream decorations piped on cupcake.
$2.50 each for buttercream iced cupcakes with royal icing flowers (made in advance*).
$3.00 each for buttercream iced cupcakes with gumpaste flowers (made in advance*).​
$3.00 each for fondant covered cupcakes with buttercream flowers piped on fondant.
$3.50 each for fondant covered cupcakes with gumpaste flowers (made in advance*).​​

* Made in advance means that gumpaste and royal icing decorations need drying time and
  have to be made in advance to allow for this drying time, so they retain their form on your
  cupcakes or cakes.
​Wedding and Event Cakes:

Start at $​3.75 per slice for buttercream iced with royal icing decorations.
Start at $4.00 per slice for fondant covered tiers with decorations.​

As mentioned above gumpaste and royal icing decorations require drying time.​​

Any cake takes time to bake, ice, apply fondant when requested, and decorate, especially if there are elaborate decorations to be made in advance. Wedding cakes require more time and are more detailed than some party cakes. Of course, we know party cakes can be pretty elaborate, as well. Therefore, an appointment is required to discuss your cake design, number of guests anticipated, decorations, flavorings, location/venue, etc. Please contact me by clicking here and include your contact information.

Thank you for visiting Cake Designs by Fran. We look forward to serving your cake decorating needs. Have a great day!

Facebook message regarding the above cake, delivered 10/26/13, and posted by the bride on 11/2/2013.  Lauren wrote: "That cake.... that cake!! The tastiest and most beautiful cake ever! Not a crumb left. I even have it as my screen saver on my computer at work so I can see it every day lol!!! Thank you so much Fran. You are truly talented :)"
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